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// Bring up the purchase UI
await Kairos.startBid(result.nftId)

// Dynamically change an NFT’s data
await Kairos.updateNft({ nftId, points: 10 })
Create, update, and sell NFTs with a few API calls.


  • Create dynamic or static NFTs within your own application

  • Sell NFTs with automatic payment processing (for both crypto and fiat, using a custodial wallet)


  • Retrieve all NFTs owned by the current user

  • Retrieve user data to display on the frontend, like email or wallet address


  • Update dynamic metadata for NFTs instantly


  • Authorize current NFT holders to gain access to parts of your app

  • Collect user emails that will be available within your Kairos dashboard

  • Send bulk marketing emails to up-to-date active NFT holders

Fregg, our example dapp

Fregg – Your web3 virtual pet by Kairos
CSS Design Awards Best InnovationCSS Design Awards Best UI DesignCSS Design Awards Best UX Design
CSS Winner Site of the DayAwwwards Honorable Mention

Demo the API’s features by minting and raising your own virtual pet. Developers can create similar dynamically changing web3 experiences, while abstracting all the complexity of web3 away from end-users.

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