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How to set up and fund your Solana wallet

There are a few Solana wallets, but Phantom is, by far, our favorite and recommended wallet—it’s user-friendly and has a clean interface.

1. Download the Phantom extension

Visit Phantom to download the extension for your browser.

A new window will open once installed. Choose “Create new wallet”

Save and store your “Secret recovery phrase” in a secure place and guard it with your life (🚨important!) This is your wallet’s master password and the only way you can ever recover your wallet. If someone gets access to this, they can control your entire wallet.

Once this is done, your wallet is set up and you should be able to access it from the Phantom icon in your browser.

2. Fund your wallet

In order to transact with the Solana network you will need SOL to pay for transactions. SOL can be purchased from number of exchanges including Coinbase, Kraken, FTX, and Binance.

Once you’ve purchased SOL, you can transfer it to your wallet. Find your SOL address at the top of your Phantom wallet. Click it to copy.

Now go back to the exchange you are using, and click “Send” or “Withdraw SOL”. Paste your SOL address you copied from your wallet into the address bar. Enter amount of SOL and “Send”.

Check your wallet to see if the SOL is deposited. This may take a few minutes.