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How to purchase an NFT

Navigate to the project’s official website

Be sure to check that you're minting from the project's official website.

Connect your wallet

Click “Connect wallet” and choose the wallet you want to continue with your transaction

Approve Phantom wallet to connect to the Kairos website.

If it’s successful, the ‘Connect wallet’ button should update to show your wallet address

Minting the NFT

If minting is available, click the “Mint” button at the top of the website. Approve the transaction in Phantom. The transaction cost will include the price of the NFT plus a network or gas fee. This is like a transaction fee and is required for any transactions made on the Blockchain.

If it’s successful, a new window will appear with your newly minted and purchased NFT!

View your collection

Kairos is working on a dedicated viewer to see your collections. Until then, you can see the Solana NFTs you own in your Phantom wallet. Navigate to the Phantom icon on your browser window. Then click the grid icon. You should be able to find the NFTs you own there. All NFTs published through Kairos automatically get added to Opensea. You can also find your NFTs in your Opensea Solana profile.