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How to create a unique 1 of 1 NFT collection

In this walkthrough, we'll guide you through creating a 1 of 1 NFT collection with your unique artwork. Decide how each piece is sold – as an auction or instant sale. Build a beautifully designed minting website with your brand and set your smart contract – all without a single line of code.

Create a new 1 of 1 gallery collection

On your Kairos creator dashboard, start a new collection. Name your collection. Choose 1/1 gallery under collection kind. This is the option to publish your unique artwork. If you’re looking to have a collection generated from layers of artwork, you would select this generative collection. You can find the tutorial on how to create a generative collection here.

Upload your artwork

Drag in your artwork to upload it. 

  • Add artwork by dragging more artwork into the editor
  • Replace artwork by dragging the same piece into the editor
  • Delete an art piece by clicking the trashcan on the right

Editing a single piece of art

On the left hand side will be your individual pieces of art and a quick overview of its details. Click into a piece of artwork to open the edit panel on the right.

  • Name: The name of the piece
  • Sale kind: The type of sale for each individual piece of art.
    • Auction: Hold an auction for this piece, where the highest bidder would win your NFT.
      • Starting price: This is the starting price that a collector must bid in order to kick off your auction. Once a bid is made that meets the starting price, an an auction will start and run for at minimum 24 hours. Bids made in the last 15 minutes of an auction will add an extra 15 minutes to the countdown until no more bids are placed.
    • Instant sale: Collectors can purchase an edition of your NFT.
      • Price: The price for a single edition of the NFT.
      • Edition: The amount of NFTs for sale.
  • Alternate creator: The name of the creator of this single piece, if it's not the Kairos account holder.
  • Description: The description of the piece.

Be sure to save after editing each art piece or else the details won't be updated.

Bulk editing

To bulk edit a bunch of pieces at once, select the checkbox on the left of each piece and edit the details and save on the right.  


At the top, click into re-order and drag your pieces mode to re-organize the order of your artwork as you would like them to show up on your drop page. Click edit to get back into edit mode.

Preview your collection

Click next to preview your collection.

These are the details that will be shown on your NFT detail page on your drop page. You can always go back to make any changes anytime 24 hours before your launch date.

Set up your smart contract

On the next step, you'll be able to enter the details of your smart contract.

  • Royalties: The percentage of royalties you make for every secondary re-sale.
  • Wallet: Connect the wallet you want your funds sent to.
  • NFT symbol: The symbol for your NFT.
  • Launch date: The date your smart contract will be finalized and when all your auctions and sale for this collection will go live. You’ll be able to make changes to your collection up until 24 hours before that date.  

And that’s how you publish your 1 of 1 artwork on Kairos. After you've uploaded and enterred the details of your NFT collection, you can see and edit your Kairos landing page with your uploaded NFTs.

If you need help getting started or have a custom project you want to partner with us on, reach out to us!