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Collection review

We allow any creator to sign up to Kairos and use its tools. When it’s time to finalize the collection and publish it onto the blockchain, we’ll review it first.

What are the goals of reviewing?

Our company mission is to encourage diverse participation in web3; so our goal of reviewing isn’t to curate or judge by quality. We love your art and honor what you do. Reviewing is about catching violations in baseline standards. The best outcome is to prevent fraud, crime, hate, and misuse.

What’s the timeline for reviewing?

Submit at least 3 days before your launch dates. It might take us a few days to review, especially during busy periods, so it’s important to plan ahead. Kairos isn’t responsible from delays in the review process.

What’s involved in reviewing a collection?

The review process follows these standards. This is a living document; new submissions can bring up new questions that create new rules at any time. We aim to keep this page updated. The terms of service has the ultimate, legally-binding definition of the standards, but this is a concise summary:

Submissions are rejected if they...

  • Infringe copyright, rights, likenesses, or plagiarize another work;
  • Mislead about facts or news;
  • Spam, promote, or solicit;
  • Involve, promote, or encourage a crime;
  • Promote or condone violence toward people or animals;
  • Have obscene, lewd, harassing, or slanderous content;
  • Mock, ridicule, intimidate, or abuse anyone (satirizing public figures to the same standard of the comedy scene is excluded);
  • Purposefully trick or mislead users,
  • Violate the privacy of people who haven’t given permission;
  • Violate US law concerning child pornography;
  • Make inflammatory religious commentary or misleading quotations of religious texts;
  • Are majorly low-effort work or placeholder content;
  • Are from someone who previously attempted to cheat the system;
  • If art depicts a culture or group of people, the submission offends, stereotypes, fetishizes, punches down, or erases the culture.

What happens when a decision is made?

You’ll be contacted by email. You’ll then need to go into Kairos and pay for the collection to be deployed to the blockchain. Keep in mind deploying needs to happen 24 hrs before launch—so be vigilant and prepared to pay quickly after approval.

For rejections, you’ll also be contacted by email with a specific reason for the rejection. You’re welcome to make changes and resubmit as often as you want. We aim to be as transparent as possible, however legally we reserve the right to reject any collection for any reason, even one not mentioned on this page.