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Batch exporting your files from Figma, Photoshop, and Illustrator

This guide will walk you through how to bulk export all your layers from Figma, Photoshop, and Illustrator, all ready to be used on Kairos to generate your NFT collection.

The end result will be a set of folders of your traits, and within them, image files of your individual traits.



Name your layers

Make sure to name each of your layers their trait names – yes, unheard of! – but a necessary step for you to identify different layers in the generator. Also, These layer names will show up as the metadata when a collector mints your NFT.

Add prefixes to your layers

To make your export even faster, name each of your layers with a prefix of their folder names. That way when you batch export all of this, they will go into their designated layers. For example these are named with “Background/” so these would export to a folder named, and “Body” so these images would export to a folder named “Background”, and “Body” and so on.

A quick Figma shortcut to rename multiple layers at once is to select all the frames and press CMD + R. This might be CTRL + R on a Windows computer. Use this to rename all your layers with the name of your folder “/” and click on “Current name” to fill in the rest. The rename field should read something like “Background/$&”. Click done and boom, your layers are renamed.

Export all

Now after you’ve named all your layers with their folder and trait name, you can export them. Make sure it’s selected to PNGs to make sure the layers keep their transparency. Then, click “Export”, choose the folder you want to export to – and done! All your layers should be exported.



Name your layers

Make sure your layers are named and organized into trait folders. So all your background layers should be in the background folder, body layers in the body folder, accessories, etc.

Download and install the Export Script

To export your files efficiently, you’ll need to download AntiPalindrome’s export script. There are a couple of ways to export files from Photoshop. We’ve tested them all. Exporting your layers with this script is the fastest way and gives you the results that you want.

Locate your Photoshop Presets folder. This should be under Applications > Photoshop > Presets. Drag the JSX file right into the Presets folder. Be sure to save if you have any artwork open, then restart your Photoshop.

Script > Export Layers to Files Fast

When you’re ready to export, go up to File > Script > Export Layers to Files Fast. A dialog window will open.

  • Set the folder you want to download all your folders into.
  • Export should be All Layers unless you want to export group by group.
  • Under output options, make sure “Groups as folders” is selected.
  • Under filenames, select “Use layer name”.
  • Trim should be OFF.
  • Export as png-24 and transparency should be selected so you can layer your files.

Once all of that is correct, click Run.


This will go through and export all your layers individually.

And done! All your layers should have been exported and organized in their individual folders.



Unfortunately, illustrator doesn’t have an easy Export all functionality nor does it have an easy way to group. So you’ll need to use another script and export and group your layers in a hacky, but successful way.

Create your folders

First, create a folder for where you want to export your files. In that folder, create new folders for your different traits. For example, create folders named Background, Body, Head, Hair, Eyes, etc.

Download the script

Download the Tom Byrne’s MultiExporter script.

Install the script

Locate your Illustrator presets folder in Applications > Illustrator > Presets. Drag in the JSX file into the presets folder.

Name your layers

Now in your illustrator file, Like the last two programs, make sure that each of your layers are named.

Save a copy and restart

Save a copy of your illustration file. This copy is what you will use to safely export your layers, so you don’t accidentally alter your original file. Restart your Illustrator and open your copy illustration file.

Delete layers

Now, delete every layer EXCEPT for the ones you want to export. Yes, delete, that’s why you’re doing this safely in a duplicate file and not your original.

Script > MultiExport

Go up to Script > MultiExport. A dialog window will open:

  • Under Export Artboards select your current artboard.
  • Under Export layers select “All layers”
  • Under output directory choose the trait folder you want to export these layers to.
  • Export format should be PNG 24 with transparency turned on
  • Trim edges turned OFF

When you’re ready, click Export. Your layers should export into your trait folder! Because this one is the hackiest way to export, make sure that each of your files are exported at the same size. Otherwise they will get scaled in the Kairos generator.


Go back into your illustrator file, under file > Revert to go back to your file before we deleted all your layers.

Repeat for all traits

Now, delete every layer EXCEPT for the next set of traits you want to export. Repeat these steps until all your layers are exported.

And there you have it! Hopefully you were able to export your layers easily. If you have any questions, comments, or have found easier ways to export your layers, we’d love to hear it! Join us on our Discord, send me and the team a message.