Kairos — announcing our $2.6M pre-seed round

Hello! We are Kairos! 

It all started with building a tool that we needed ourselves, only to learn there is so much to be done! 

In the last 20 years, we’ve seen the ability to participate in large technological shifts be the key to wealth creation. We’re at the beginning of the next shift with blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). But, just as before, it seems only people in tech and those financial-savvy are in and everyone else is left out

Kairos' mission is to enable radical and diverse participation in web3. This matters to us because we want this next chapter of the internet to be equitable, inclusive, and diverse. To do that, we are creating no-code tools to enable creators to express ideas, explore different business models, and build culture — all backed by NFTs. 

Today we're excited to announce that we've raised a $2.6M pre-seed round led by Worklife Ventures and Seven Seven Six. 

Our journey so far

Our team is made up of designers with deep experience in simplifying complex concepts. We’ve made marketplace (Airbnb), finance (Brex) and platforms (Slack) incredibly simple to use. And now we've made a suite of creation tools where anyone can:

  • Create – Build a customized, branded NFT storefront from beautiful templates;
  • Publish – Turn content into NFTs on the blockchain using our artwork generator; 
  • Sell – Customize the format and terms for sale and resale and collect funds via Solana;
  • Directly access marketplaces – Automatically publish collections on OpenSea and Magic Eden;
  • Offer utility – Partner for post-purchase NFT-powered tools.

We're excited to have supported artists like Jack Daly to sell out his Degen Dolls collection in less than 24 hours and Bonnie Kate Wolf in exploring NFT art with Garden Sprites. Our latest partnership is with Benny Gold and folks at Goodby Silverstein to launch Rubles for Ukraine, a project bringing together 40+ artists around the world to create art with Russian Rubles to assist the people of Ukraine. 

Our investors 

We have some wonderful investors in our corner who believe in us and our mission. They bring their wealth of experiences in company-building, crypto, web3, marketing, and operations. Our round was led by Worklife (Brianne Kimmel) and Seven Seven Six (Cristina Georgoulakis & Alexis Ohanian). In addition, many experienced operators and angel investors participated, including Lenny Rachitsky and Daniel Rumennik (AirAngels / Airbnb), Anatoly Yakovenko (co-founder, Solana), Sahil Bloom (SRB Ventures), Julia Lipton (Awesome People Ventures), Clara Liang (Stripe / Airbnb), Packy McCormick (Not Boring), Mike Dudas (6th Man Ventures), Sam Edelson (Airbnb) and the AngelList Team Fund.

Where to next

500k–750k people currently own NFTs. Our next phase is to unlock the next 100M. We’re at the very beginning. I truly believe to reach our goal, design will be at the core. Design is key to understanding and adoption. Creating tools that people can use easily and effectively is how we’ll enable radical and diverse participation in web3.

There’s no better time to build than right now. NFTs underlying technology isn’t going anywhere, and traditional systems that prove ownership, membership, qualification, investment and attendance can sorely benefit from NFTs. Kairos will be there to elevate creators, entrepreneurs, institutions and companies. 

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