Discover new ways to make money, with less work

Kairos gives you the tools to get started with NFT-backed art collections. Sell your art to anyone globally, get paid instantly, and transfer your art to your collectors in seconds. You can even fund new ideas with low risk by selling NFTs to kickstart a new project.

Turn collectors into shareholders

Bring your loyal collectors along on your success. As your brand value increases, so will the value for the artwork held by your collectors. Start a dialog with your followers. Hear directly from them and lean on your network of supporters.

Get paid on all future resales

You no longer need to wait for payday when you sell or miss out on profits made when it's traded on the secondary market. Set your terms to get a cut of all future resales.

Sell your NFTs to anyone

Access both crypto and more traditional markets– Kairos allows you to accept both crypto and debit or credit card payments for your NFTs.

For artists, grow your relationship with your collectors, and ensure fairness in resales.

How NFTs can work for your brand or business

Watch our CEO Katie Chen talk about NFTs beyond a JPG and looping video and how to leverage the technology behind NFTs to enhance businesses and brands.

Get started with NFTs
in minutes

Kairos is the easiest way to create and sell NFTs of your content, art, photography, and more. Create and publish your NFTs on a branded website and launch them in a verified community space for your followers.

Create and publish NFTs or work with Kairos to design your NFTs

1. Create

Turn your existing content, or new content, into NFTs on the blockchain using our builder tool

Have Kairos Design your NFTs
Answer a few questions and Kairos’ design services can help you design and launch your NFTs.
Customizable storefront templates

2. Publish

Build a customized, branded webpage from beautiful templates

Buy and sell with a crypto wallet or credit card

3. Sell

Set your terms of sale and resale of your NFTs and collect funds via Solana or Stripe (invite-only beta)

Verify collectors and deliver utility

4. Deliver utility

Use Kairos to verify NFT collectors and fulfill on your promises (invite-only beta)

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