Operate with soul & inclusivity

Our company aims to reflect the world we want to live in. We are a team of designers, creatives, art lovers and first generation immigrants. We’ve brought in and collaborated with a diverse collection of creators, collector and advisors.

The Kairos Team: Piril, Katie, Jeany, MattThe Kairos Team: Katie, Piril, Jeany, Matt
Our mission & vision

Pioneering the next version of the internet

We dream of an internet where people of all backgrounds can create, connect with their communities, and thrive. Our mission is to enable radical and diverse participation in the next version of the internet. We’re building tools to break down barriers to that participation.

The Founders




Katie holds 10 lifetimes worth of career experiences. She loves multiple mile runs, swims in the ocean, and aspires to be a marathoner. She’s a dog mom to Olive, the squirrel hater.

Katie previously led design at Slack, and was an early leader at Airbnb.

Jeany Ngo



Jeany is the fastest designer on the internet. She’s an artist in digital, clay, and NFTs. She was a contestant on a reboot of a 90's Nickelodeon game show, but you're gonna have to ask her about it.

Jeany previously led design at Brex, Airbnb, and Linkedin; and founded Adventurous (YC W19).




Piril makes crypto market calls six months before they happen. (Never financial advice, of course). She has an impressive NFT collection. She met most of her friends in the metaverse. Piril is dog mom to Atlas, Kairos’ TikTok celebrity.

Piril was a founding member of Brex and designed at Sennheiser.




Matt is the Lebanese Most Interesting Man in the World. He cannot tell a bad story. He loves ice-breaking, world travelling, film photographing, and electric bicycles.

Matt was an early leader at Airbnb for 8 years, and Campaign Monitor for 5.

Our investors

Backed by great people

Anatoly Yakovenko

Co-founder of Solana

Mighty Fund

Dan Becker and Daniel Scrivner

Kary Campbell

Design leader, formerly Airbnb and Etsy

Sahil Bloom

Podcaster, The Curiosity Chronicle

Craig Shapiro

Collaborative Fund

Mike Dudas


Laura Skelton

Former Airbnb and IFTTT engineering leader

Arash Ferdowsi

Co-founder of Dropbox

Packy McCormick

Not Boring Capital

Louis Beryl

CEO and Founder of Rocketplace

Sam Edelson

Former product director at Airbnb