NFTS beyond art

Creators all over the world – from musicians to chefs – can use Kairos to build community and make money.
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Direct sales for artists powered by NFTs
Visual Artists

get direct sales

Patronage for musicians powered by NFTs

receive Patronage

Superfans for brands powered by NFTs

create superfans

Communities for influencers powered by NFTs

build community

Supper clubs for chefs powered by NFTs

fund supper clubs

Communities for interest groups powered by NFTs
Interest Groups

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Powered by NFTs
our services

Create, sell, and verify NFTs without any code

Kairos offers a set of no code tools to sell directly to your audience and deliver on the value behind the artwork.

Make & publish unique 1/1 or generative NFTs

  • Generate large collections from unique layers
  • Set rules and rarity for artwork generation
  • Reserve select NFTs to a wallet
  • Publish unique NFTs for auction or sale
  • Automatically generate metadata
  • Automatically list on secondary marketplaces like Opensea and Magic Eden
  • Ask Kairos’ design service to create NFTs for cards, memberships, and tickets

Create branded storefronts using beautiful templates

  • Customize designs to your brand’s needs
  • Edit content and images in an easy-to-use interface
  • Add and upload content easily
  • Add custom domains
  • Mint NFTs from your website
  • Allow purchases in SOL and USD on desktop and mobile

Set terms of sale and resale and collect funds

  • Add wallets to your allowlist
  • Set dates for pre-launch, and public sale
  • Define price and royalties for each re-sale
  • Collect funds via Solana or Ethereum (private beta)
  • Collect funds as cash via Stripe, with direct deposit to local currency bank accounts and automatic tax forms

Verify NFT collectors and fulfill on your promises

  • Gate websites like Webflow, Squarespace, or Shopify (private beta)
  • Build custom NFT gating with an easy-to-use API (private beta)
  • Send emails to NFT holders and collect their details (private beta)
How we think

How NFTs can work for your brand or business

Watch our CEO Katie Chen talk about NFTs beyond a JPG and looping video and how to leverage the technology behind NFTs to enhance businesses and brands.

Our audience

Kairos unlocks values for all creators
and their communities

Leverage NFTs for membership and loyalty programs, selling exclusive goods, building thriving online and in-person communities and so much more.

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The team

Operate with soul & inclusivity

We’re a team of designers, creatives, art-lovers, and first-generation immigrants. We’re collaborating with a diverse set of creators, advisors, and (hopefully) you, to make the next version of the internet as accessible as possible.

Meet the team
Our commitment

Diverse participation in crypto

We want to see creators of all kinds, people of all backgrounds, have the opportunity to engage with NFTs and cryptocurrencies. We’re building tools to break down barriers to that participation.

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